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Victoria Orchestra

The Argentina tango -

is the music which we like, we play, we keep in our hearts. The Victoria Ochestra plays authentic Argentina tango, which invites you to dance.

The Victoria Orchestra -

is the first large orchestra of tango with classical cast, the biggest one in the territory of Commonwealth of Independent States.

The Victoria Orchestra -

executes the Argentina tango in contemporary interpretation without those whispering, wasted records. It is the music style of Juan D?Arienzo, Carlos di Sarli, Julio de Caro, Osvaldo Pugliese

The members of the Victoria Orchestra are professional persons with higher music education, who have experience of working in big orchestras, some of them are real virtuosos. Due to the wide cast, the sound of the Victoria Orchestra is very similar to the orchestras “tipicas”, which played the Argentina tango.


Some unique instruments such as bandoneons are played in the orchestra and give this very well-recognized sound, and all the arrangements of the Orchestra are chosen so that all the played music is very pleasant and easy to dance.

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