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Lessons and workshops on musicality
for the tango dancers

Lessons and workshops

You dance the Argentina tango and wish to do it following the music?
Who knows the music of tango better than the musicians do? Who can explain the musicality better than the dancing musicians. We offer you a series of musicality lessons, developed specially for the dancers. You値l learn to dance rhythmically different styles of tango, the Argentina waltz and milonga. You値l learn to hear different rhythms, to follow the music, you値l learn to create music with your own steps under the orchestra. You値l discover the difference between steps of tango, according to the orchestra, how to make them and how to lead them in the dance. You値l learn to dance tango under different music styles- lyric, rhythmic, dramatic tango. When you hear music of Osvaldo Pugliese in the milonga, you値l never wait seating till the end of the tanda.
You値l learn to dance with your partner feeling the music with each cell of your body. We値l teach you to live with the music during the dance and to penetrate it like the argentines do.
You can invite us to give musical lessons of the Argentina tango in your school or club. Using visual method, we conduct lessons under instrumental music underneath.

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